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Steering Wheel Control issue after radio swap

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I swapped out my factory radio of my 2015 Versa Note SV with a new Kenwood touch screen and added the ASWC-1 for retention of steering wheel controls. I wire all of it up as shown, and it shows it finds it as a Kenwood but controls didn't work. Tried setting them up manually and only could get volume buttons to work. When I tried to program seek up nothing happened nor with Seek down. Has anyone else gone through this before? Also is there a way to retain the factory USB port with aftermarket radio. I am fine with the Bluetooth being a aftermarket mic and through headunit.
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Not sure if this helps. I had a Sony Carplay head unit installed in a 2017 Nissan Versa S Plus at Best Buy. They tried installing the same steering wheel interface and could only get volume to work. They ended up installing a Maestro - Universal Analog Steering Wheel Interface and got almost everything to work. Volume, Source, Radio/Track Seek. Phone answer works as long as Carplay is active. Not perfect, but better than before.
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