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Steering wheel controls with aftermarket Head Unit

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Hi everyone, I´ve recently bought a Head Unit from Sony, model XAV-65 and after replacing the Clarion with blutooth that comes with the car I noticed that the steering wheel controls have a connector with 16 pins and the Head Unit came with and adapter with three wires

Adapter diagram

After finding this in the internet I proceded to solder the wires just as the following diagram explains for the 16P-A type of socket

When I finished all this the steering wheel remote does not seem to function at all. My question is, Is there any adapter that I can buy to make this work for the Tiida/Versa-Hatchback or is there something else I have to do??
I have tried everything I could come up with for the last 5 days :|

Thanks in advance, greetings! :smile:smile
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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