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I have just bought my first Versa (2008) and have a problem today. Last night I noticed that steering wheel is making a "strange" noise. When I try to turn it, it becomes strangely loud, I can feel slight vibration of it in the floor and steering becomes bit strange. I use my car for (Versa 2008) for work and it need to be fixed on ASAP basis. Any idea if it's smth serious, expensive etc?
I bought it about 10 days ago from dealership so it still has some insurance. Car was supposedly "safetyied" and inspected but now I have doubts :(

Please help.

Thank you :)
Hi welcome to the forum! :thumb2:

if you just bought the car 10 days ago, take it back and ask them to look at it. did you buy it as is?
When you buy a car you usually sign a form that states you're buying the car "as is" meaning anything wrong its on you.
if the form has some type of warranty, it should let you know how long the warranty is. 30 days 90 days 1year ect...

so just take it back and tell them what its doing. don't forget to mention you bought the car 10 days ago from them and now is making a strange noise.

from my end of the world, it sounds like the power steering pump, but that's just guessing. maybe they can add something to make it more quiet
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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