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Stiff neutral gear

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I have a Nissan Tiida 1.6 Visia with manual transmission and have a problem with the gears. When it is in neutral and i move left to right it is very tight and does not come back to the center. Once the car is warmed up it changes ok but neutral is still tight.

Anyone got any suggestions or solutions. any help will be appreciated.

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Is the car new? That could be the problem, just not broken in yet, or something sticky (like soda) got into the shifting boot. If its a mechanical feeling maybe one or two of our forum members can help.
i had same problem with an 82 vw rabbit. i sprayed some lubricant directly on the external shift linkage. worked like a charm...for a little while
welcome youen!
howzit guys,

thanks for the tips. the car is a 2007 model. it seems like the spring which keeps the gear lever in the middle has either moved out of place or broke.
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