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Current Mods
1. 195 width Dunlop Tires on Steelies
2. eBay Window Visors
3. 280mm Broadway Mirror
4. eBay "Leather" Arm Rest
5. Debadged
6. DDM Slim Ballast Hid Kit (6000k)
7. UR Front Strut Tower Bar
8. XXR 521 w/ Yokoham Avid H4S 215/45-17
9. StopTech Slotted Rotors

Pending Install
1. Roof Wing
2. D1 Spec Throttle Controller
3. Rear Strut Tower Bar
4. Tiida Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector
5. OBX Header
6. OBX Catback

Waiting to Arrive
TIIDA Kick Plates

1. 2010 front grill
2. oem fogs
3. suspension upgrade (coilovers)
4. intake
5. touchscreen indash nav
6. exhaust
7. tints
8. led bulbs all around
9. rear disc conversion
10. custom headliner
11. stillen lip kit
12. cf hood
13. cf hatch

430 Posts
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kind've ashamed to show more pics cuz so damn stock lol

I am in NYC

suspension: I am eager to order up sway bars and tower bars all around... but until the winter passes I don't have any plans to get underneath and get down and dirty

430 Posts
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thanks for the welcome...

as for "don't have much offered" boy you guys sure should be glad I got a versa then

here's a quick 60 second history of 2009 :chuckle:

car-nutty me

the shop

pre-versa 09

little end of the year project I decided to take along, ended up getting annoyed and sold everything heheheeh



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