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Stock Fog Lights

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Hey my 09 versa came with the fog lights already installed And since ive had it, it bothers me that i cant turn them on without already having the headlights turned on! does anyone know anyway this can be done with the stock fog light switch? I mean it's not a big deal. Just think it would be better looking to Just have the foglights on sometimes. Haha
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All nissan's I've owned were set up this way. There is a way to change it on my previous car so maybe it would work here? Requires opening up the fuse box and jumping a cable I think.
Soo not for someone with zero car electrical experience then?
Soo not for someone with zero car electrical experience then?
If it's the same I bet you can do it. I think people just bought those easy wire taps. The site that has the write up is down. Once it is up I will find it and post it. Maybe someone with electrical background can see if it will work on the V.
That would be fantastic!
Where in the fuse box? I looked in there, and there isnt even a fuse for the headlights?!?! The cars ive seen and owned had a fuse for them. But mine dosent.... I see people down here with 02-06 altimas with just fogs and side lights. Alot of people!! lol. See if you can find that. I might try it too, ill think about it, lol.
If there is a way to do it ill forsure try
I have it done on my Spec-V. All you gotta do is find an accesssory 12V cord in your relay box (one that it supplied with power when you turn the car on), Cut the power cord to you fog relay, and splice the constant 12V into the relay where you just cut the wire instead. It sounds harder than it is. You cut one wire and tap into one wire. Anyone can do it.
Hmmm doesnt sound too bad. But i would hate to screw it up. Does anyone know a website where there might be pictures?
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