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I can't remember if you needed the sport package. But it was either 09 or 10 that Nissan discontinued the sub. But I know if you got bluetooth, you got the convenience package, which if im correct came with wiring for the sub, but that could have changed in 09. In 2009 Nissan changed alot. Then in 2010 was the tiny change on the exterior. But for 2009s, you got illuminated buttons on your steering wheel, and the 07-08's didn't. The 07-08's were pre-wired for tweeters, the 09's didn't. The list go's on and on. But as a 2009 owner, and too am disappointed I didn't get some of the pre-wired stuff the 07-08's got. Plus in 07-08, the sedan was available in a sport package and sunroof. I wish I got the 08 sedan fully loaded.
Yeah that's the only package my car doesn't have.
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