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Hello, forum! My name is Matt and I am a newbie here. I did post an introduction in the New Members forum, in case you would like to know more.

I installed a new cabin air filter into "The CARDIS" this past weekend and I ran into a few issues. It's amazing how something so seemingly simple can cause problems. I used to work at a shop; I've changed plenty of filters to date. But something about the CAF on my V tripped me up.

Everything went smoothly during removal. However, during reinstallation, I could not get the top of the filter to seat properly. I removed the first new filter to find that top locking tab on the filter had broken. I assumed that it came that way so I went back to AutoZone and swapped it for another filter. That filter wouldn't seat properly either. After too many minutes of messing with the filter, I attempted to use force and alas, another broken tab.

It's hard as bonkers to see down there under the dash but I was able to maneuver my iPhone (w/ camera light burning) into the space and did not notice anything that looked out of the ordinary. The filter simply doesn't seat.

So... has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any bad experiences with STP's cabin filters? Or did I just have two back-to-back cases of the cerebral fuzzies?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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