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Strut Bar Installation

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Was this an easy task? Do you unbolt the three bolts and put the bar on and screw the bolts back on? What about jacking up the car, is that an absolute must? I'm going to get the Tanabe strut bar brace when I get paid in a week or two, it will compliment the Tanabe springs I own. I want to keep brand name consistency.
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from the looks of the design you might have to remove the clips of the cowl and lift it a little to give room for the socket wrench or you can remove the whole cowl :p just be aware of the little plastic trim on the lower left and lower right of the windshield.

ps well if its a week or two i might be able to take a picture of it and post it up here.
When i unstalled my ultra racing bar, i didnt remove anything i just bolted in on.

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Ok, I posted pictures to make it clear. Are these the bolts to remove? What about the black rubber thing, is that the cowl?

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I just in unscrewed the the strut bolts.

The one you have the ? next to is for the upper motor mount support.

I didnt remove the cowl.
Ok, I heard some people jack up the car to let the load off when installing them? Do I have to do that?
i didnt. I just bolted it on.
you dont need to jack up your car.... just remove the nuts and go from there.... the only reason you would have to remove the cowl is cuz sometimes the nut on the driver side is hard to get to....
make sure you are on a level ground :p to make everything easy :p each strut tower brace design is different ultra racing strut brace gives you enough room to work with a wrench with out lifting or removing the cowl.
i accessd my dc srut bar without removing the cowl and not having it jacked up. some of the bolts were REALLY over overtightened though so be careful.
Ordered the Tanabe strut bar brace online, will be here shortly.
No, haven't got to it yet. I will get them installed when I have time. School and work get in the way, I'll do the strut bar last.

Appreciate the feedback guys!
Actually, for the Tanabe strut bar, Since it's preload adjustable: make sure you dont jack up the car.

The endlinks will be loose. So, you must mount the bar securely, then secure the ends, and adjust the preload

Hope this helps.

I helped a friend install his.
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