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Strut Bar

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Hey, Gang,

Back again with another fun question. Let's say I did an engine swap of a MR16DDT into my Versa. Do I buy the strut bar for the juke or the versa? I think the juke, but I'm not too sure.

Thanks for the help,

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versa. The strut towers dont change. I would love to see this swap. But unless you have a wrecked juke- open your wallet
What ^ said, I too be interested in seeing this swap.
It will be the one for the versa but check the clearence on top of the motor to make sure the bar will clear it I don't know the height of that motor.
Hey, Guys,

I appreciate the awesome and quick responses!
Thanks for the input.


P.S. I will attempt the swap in 2 years. Gotta finish school and look more into engine swapping. I will keep everyone posted!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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