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Stuck on gritty...stuff removal

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as Some of you know, I recently bought a used 08 Versa

Wish I had some pictures to show, but I'll get them up when I get them

But I noticed this mostly on the Glass but there is this stuck on grit on most of the car
got peppered by Something

I tryed scraping this stuff off at the rear window and it comes off, but I didn't want to scratch up the whole window getting this crud off

anyone know of something that will help with out firther damaging the car?
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try something like purple power and then spray the car. Don't scrub the car with that on the car.
Well from what we, Me and my roommate, can figure

it looks like clearcoat overspray

found the bumper was repainted, and they did a hell of a job geting clearcoat peppered Everywhere

Rubbing compound seems to be working, but i'm alil afraid to use Alot of that stuff
need a buffer and Alot of time for that

but its the glass thats fustrates me the most
Just being told to take a razor to it, but I really Really don't want to scratch up any of the glass
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There's stuff called Goo Gone here at Canadian Tire, citrus stuff, works well, try something similar. I would carefully use razor blade on glass too, but not on the paint!
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