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Had my versa since 07 and most of those with the nismo s tune suspension but the hard buffalo winters are finally taking its toll on the dampeners. Does anyone know if i can still find the nismo struts/shocks anywhere or what would be a good replacement?
also there is a bit of a dead/loose zone on center
with a clunk that seems that its coming for steering column. the steering shaft doesn't seem to have any play nor any of the the bushings under the car(but a klunk did go away when i sprayed it with lithium grease), i know half of it is the bum alignment the dealer gave me.

i had taken the car into the dealer for them to do a multi point inspection and then an alignment if everything was good.
Turns out everything wasn't, they did the alignment but after a few days i took a day off of work to get under my car and find that i had a cracked control arm and loose control arm link which i replaced. did a quick alignment in my drive way (which was pretty darn good) but i still had that little bit of play on center which i mostly compensated for by bouncing steering back and forth before i aligned it. car was darn smooth and dead straight. went back to dealer just to double check on alignment machine. they only did minor adjustments, but i dont think they bounced the steering to center that play cuz now wheel is off to the left a bit, and alot of what i dialed out in driveway is back and noticeable. I dont know why i bothered going back considering that dealer paid for half of this car since they last car i bought from them was an 04 SER that had a tweaked rear frame they sold me and lied about knowing when it was sold to me, but thats besides the point. Oh, and they attempted to do a coil spring recall on my car even though my paperwork says all over it that i have the nismo s tune suspension and dont touch it. in the process they tore the upper strut mount bushing trying to get it off and pulled my drivers door handle off and didn't put it back on, just left it hanging in the whole so it looked like i pulled it off when i picked up the car. Granted it took me 2 mins to put it back on, but needless to say it'll be another 10 years before i try that dealer again for anything other than ordering a bolt(and only that since they are one block from my house and next one is 20 mins away)

The major clunk is gone after the shaft was lubed up, but there is still a minor clunk if i bounce the wheel through that on center play area that feels and sounds like its from the steering column its self and not the shaft or under the car.

once the suspension is loaded up if feels ok, but on center or with little load is vague and imprecise.

This spring is going to be a real decision time for me. Its getting time to really look over the chassis to see if its worth it to start replacing bushings, brake lines, mounts ect. 11-12 years of western ny salt has to be taking its toll on basically everything at this point, but im finding it damn near impossible to find a vehicle that can do everything as well as my 07 versa. I dont know too many cars that can fit a table saw,miter saw, compressor, air tools, socket/wrenches/drills/impacts/sanders/grinders/jack/stands/brushes/rollers/8 foot 2x4 all at the same time or 20-30 bags of pellets for the stove and still be fun to drive.
It seems that anything that could fit as much cargo the deck starts so high that all my stuff would flop and slide all around
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