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Just to give you guys some information.
My 2011 hatch with 1.8L has 124,000 miles on it. It needs both lower control arms, CV half shafts, left, right and rear mounts as well as the front torque strut mount.

Both front struts, stabilizer bar links, and rear shocks were replaced at 75,000 so their still OK at this time

The car has been real good so far. I replaced the front torque strut mount twice so far. Both times I used Nissan parts. Not happy with their mount.

I looked at Courtesy Nissan, and totaled what it would cost me for all Nissan parts. It's outrageous what they charge (More than double RA's prices).
So, I looked at Rock Auto for aftermarket parts.
They sell a suspension rebuild kit from Moog which includes both inner and outer tie rods and both lower control arms. I also looked at Cardone CV half shaft assemblies, DEA front torque strut mount, and Beck/Arnley left and right motor mounts, and Anchor rear mount.

All of these parts totaled $400.83 without shipping.

My concern is having them fit properly, and not have to struggle on the install. Has anyone on the forum used these specific manufacturers parts for the replacement as mentioned above ?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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