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Tachometer in new Versas

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Hi everybody! I wanted to get your thoughts on what they are doing with the tachometer in newer Versas. It makes no sense to me. In my '20 and '21 Versa, it started at 0 then went to 1, 2 etc, but on the new ones it goes 0 then 2. Not sure how you'd even interpret what's going on between 0 and 2. Thoughts?

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Interesting this has absolutely zero views after three days. I am guessing this is not a very active forum LOL
When I was shopping for a new car in 2018 I looked at all the related forums. Having few posts in the Versa forum was a selling point for me. Simple cars without many problems and few people doing mods, that's my kind of car.

I don't think my 2018 S model has ever been over 5000 RPM and only a few times over 4000 RPM because I've never needed to.
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