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Tachometer in new Versas

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Hi everybody! I wanted to get your thoughts on what they are doing with the tachometer in newer Versas. It makes no sense to me. In my '20 and '21 Versa, it started at 0 then went to 1, 2 etc, but on the new ones it goes 0 then 2. Not sure how you'd even interpret what's going on between 0 and 2. Thoughts?

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I have a 2016 Versa S (manual trans) and my tachometer is small. It almost seems like an afterthought when they designed the gauge cluster. I do have a number (1), though.

I imagine the designers didn't think the driver needed to be aware of the lower rpm band and decided to calibrate it accordingly?? Thus they left off the (1)

Personally, I listen to my engine and shift when I think it is time. I don't really pay all that much attention to the tachometer.

I've never thought of my car as something to "red line" or even push hard. When I leave a red light, I know I'll be the last to get back up to speed (compared to the other cars around me). I'm OK with that. I purchased my Versa as an economy car and drive it gently.
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