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Tachometer in new Versas

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Hi everybody! I wanted to get your thoughts on what they are doing with the tachometer in newer Versas. It makes no sense to me. In my '20 and '21 Versa, it started at 0 then went to 1, 2 etc, but on the new ones it goes 0 then 2. Not sure how you'd even interpret what's going on between 0 and 2. Thoughts?

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Interesting this has absolutely zero views after three days. I am guessing this is not a very active forum LOL
My 2015 Note is a paper weight, last Nissan I’ll ever own, 71k and waiting for a transmission replacement
I think you posted on the wrong thread. This one is about the tachometer in the new Versa.
It depends on where the needle sits at dead warm idle with a/c off as to what the first mark means. There may be a curve built in there. For me at least any tach not showing engine speeds under 1000 rpm is a paperweight, it is as bad as not having a tach at all. A tach gets used in uncounted number of things down low, you use it to determine if car is idling correctly and if trans is loading correctly if it has a converter. Emissions output varies wildly with idle rpm too, it can make you or break you off even 200 rpm.

Is the one picced at idle?

It could be more dumbing down of the collective car owner mind, if they cannot say exactly what rpm the car is idling at then harder for new owners to come up and complain about the engine not idling right, it would save a BUNCH in warranty costs and Nissan does silly things like that.
I snagged the pic from an ad for a CVT version. I also noticed that the manual version still goes 0 1 2 etc, so the 0 2 3 is just for the CVT. I am very curious what is exactly going on between the 0 and 2. I guess I'd have to see one in person. They do idle up on a cold start, and this could be idling at 1200 RPM. Or 700 RPM. LOL
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