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Takeda Short Ram Intake (picture and videos)

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I recently installed my Takeda SRI. It looks like this:

It was very easy to assemble and install. The overall process probably took an hour and we were going slow haha. I am very pleased with it :)

This first video is of me driving with the Takeda. It may seem like it is not very loud but it is louder than this video makes it seem. My windows are up and I also have stock exhaust. I apologize for the shaky camera and the bad quality, it is from an Iphone. And yes I know my tire pressure light is on haha.

Nissan Versa Takeda SRI - YouTube

This second video uploaded sideways, and I apologize for that. But this one shows under the hood and I always show how it sounds :)

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oooo lime green engine cover! lol looks good tho, gives the engine bay a nice pop

and how are you liking the SRI?
Yeah I actually just repainted the engine cover today haha, i'm glad you like it though!

I like it a lot. It sounds great! :)
I Like :cheers2:

sounds good, looks good :thumb2:
Thanks! :D
Hey, I recently installed a Takeda SRI as well and the tubing that goes underneath the engine cover ( don't know any names :frown2: ) I had to cut out part of the cover for it to fit properly without bulging, i can't tell by your photo but did you have the same effect?
Yeah I had to do that too!
I didn't cut the engine cover, don't know why you guy had to, but glad you like it!
The green is awesome!
Looks nice, and sounds good.
I'm unsure of buying one. I'm so used to having the filter covered, I'm in a way "afraid" to go that route. @neohauoli How does it work with your dry weather? I'm in Utah and our summers can get pretty hot.
Just wanting to get as much info as possible. Thanks!
It holds up well in hot weather. It has been over 100 degrees everyday where I live and it does great. Plus water won't get in it because it's covered by the hood unlike a CAI.
And not the engine cover. I had to cut the rubber tubing that goes from the SRI to the engine
Good to know. One other thing. Do you notice an improvement in performance (is it noticeable or subtle).
There is a subtle increase in performance, but nothing super crazy.
you cut the hose? whaaaat? :confused5:
Yeah? It was too long so I cut it shorter to make it fit so I didnt have to cut my engine cover. It works fine haha. Do you want some pictures? I can take some later.
crap, I guess I didn't know I didn't have to cut the engine cover..

From afar it looks alright..
from up close it looks like a wreck. I'm going to need to paint the engine cover so it doesn't look as bad in that cut up area. And if you could post a pic that'd be great to give me an idea of what I should have done :bash:


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