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Hey gang! Who's Garm? Just kidding...he's a great guy and we have had meets and fun times with him and his Yaris gang a few times here in SoCal.

Don't forget we have DC putting something together and have already had a meeting with there engineer some months ago and gave them a stock header from the Versa/Cube so the idea and design is in the pipeline. Now we have to go back to sales....these guys are not going to go to the time and cost to end up selling two or three headers and that's been the problem for these companies to make after market for the Versa/ the good part is DC (and support these guys for this reason) understands that it's a soft market anyway because of the economy and the Versa/Cube is still relatively new to the scene so out the gate they have set there total sales for the DC Cat-Back low...which is good so hang in there it's in the works. these guys....they "get it".

To give you an idea on how poor Versa/Cube is doing in the "Tuner Scene" I went to see Doug Thorley about making Headers/Exhaust for the Versa (another great quality company) and he showed me sales figures for the "Smart Car" and asked if I thought Versa/Cube could come around there sales figures....I had to tell them no...."Smart Car" sales were over seven hundred kits!!!!! We're lucky to do seven!

It's not easy getting quality stuff made for please support the ones that have stepped to the plate to offer us well made/fitting product(s).

And thanks for all the support from you's fun even when it is a bit of a pain in the rear and frustrating at times getting great "tuner" items and other items for us! :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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