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Tanabe Axle Back Exhaust question?

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Just got the Tanabe Axle back a few weeks back. I love the sound it's nice and deep. One serious problem though for me that is. It sits really low, I can't even go over a speed bump without hearing a clink! It's starting to be frustrating! Uhhhhhh! I just want to know if anyone now where I can buy some hangers to lift it up about another inch. I'd hate to have to take it to a muffler shop, or raise my car...blah! Thanks in advance!
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Guess it has to go to the muffler shop...I want adjustable coilovers in the future...FYI my versa is at stock height...I have the S series so the wheels are 15", I guess if I buy 16" rims that might help a bit, for those of you that are considering the Tanabe and have 15" rims, I hope this info helps. I love this muffler, it sounds incredible, but hangs low...I think before the muffler shop.. I'm going to buy the 16" rims and not lower the car..keep the stock springs, but buy wider tires...if it looks good I'll post some pics.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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