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I have a 2009 Versa S and I'm looking at the tanabe lowering springs and I don't know which one others have purchased if someone could help me out that would be great.

According to the tanabe website the lowering springs are part of the NF210 series and it list two versions:

TNF123 - 2007 / 2011 Versa 5Dr
Drop rate: 1.4R / 1.5F

TNF174 - 2014 Versa Note
Drop rate: 0.8R / 0.6F

So because I have a 2009 does that mean I have to get the TNF123 or will either one fit?

If you guys have the TNF123, how do you like the drop and can you run them with stock struts? Is the 1.4" and 1.5" too much of a drop? Also, pics would be nice. Most pics here have expired for just about everything...

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Welcome aboard.

I used the nf and df on a honda. The df gave more of a drop and harsher ride then the nf. You use the same shocks, but cut the bump stop that rides on the shock shaft.

You can find coil over sets for like 500 bucks for our cars and those include the shocks that are adjustable if you want more control of your ride.

What are you looking to do? Ive found you can cut a quarter or half a spring coil of the oem shocks if you want to even out the car or give it a slight drop. If you want to drag the frame on the ground thats another story. If you get the car too low then if you get a flat you risk dragging the front or rear part of the car on the ground and needing to lift the fender before you can jack it up. Hell, Ive been denied car washes cause my car was too low to get on the convey track and refused service at merchants cause my car was too low.
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