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Ok got an email today from them, looks like they are going to be giving away free software on twitter, Also looks like the new owners of the site, are getting there own branded version of tapatalk for there specific forums as well (I have no clue on details, they mentioned it in the newsletter)

Celebrating 10,000 forums activated Tapatalk
Thank You For Your Support - we have achieved our 2010 goal with over 10,000 forums activated Tapatalk. To appreciate your support we'll be giving out free app redeem code in next few days on our Twitter account - follow-us, get free app for you and your forum members!

<img alt="Autoguide" width="267" height="46">
Introducing iPhone App - Powered by Tapatalk
VerticalScope Inc, the owner of Forum Network, has partnered with Tapatalk to create an iPhone and Android app for network of forums. About 150 popular automotive forums from various makes and models are consolidated into a single iPhone app, powered by Tapatalk. We're pleased to announce this partnership and introducing the iPhone app, immediately available at Apple App Store. Android version of will be released soon.

<img alt="uueasy" width="300" height="79">
Alibaba Inc. activated 200,000 forums with Chinese version of Tapatalk
Alibaba Inc. (public listed HKG:1688) owns and operates over 200,000 free hosting forums in China with UUeasy branding, has activated Tapatalk support with our Chinese version of Tapatalk, powering over 20 millions of forums members with a free forum app on iPhone and Android.

<img alt="The Forum Conference 2011" width="400" height="64">
Forum and Communities Conference 2011 San Francisco
Meet us in person? Founder of Tapatalk will be presenting at Forum and Communities Conference in San Francisco on Feb 16th. This conference will bring together leading brands, forum owners and community managers to explore strategies in forum and community development. To register this event, use the "Tapatalk" discount code for 40% off.
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