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I have a 2012 sedan (base model 5 spd manual) and so far I'm really happy with it.
I was using my Duramax diesel for commuting, but eventually I realized how much it was costing me in fuel costs, maintenance and mileage depreciation.
My wife and I have had lots of Nissans (this is our 8th), and I do most maintenance myself so I'm familiar with them, plus they've ALL been super reliable. That's why I looked at the Versa as an inexpensive econo commuter.
I had to get the gauge cluster replaced as it had a sticky speedo when I drove it off the lot (warranty), but otherwise it's been perfect. I put in full synthetic oil at the first oil change and the mileage seems to be getting better the more miles I put on it (must be the break in).
I tested a Mazda 2 hatch and am thankful that I didn't get it. NO POWER!
The only thing that I'll try to improve is the crosswind stability. Planning to get 16" wheels with better tires soon. It's nothing uncharacteristic for a tiny car to get tossed around in the wind, I just have to spend a lot of time on the hiway so I'm looking to improve it.
My advice-in hindsight...I got the BASE model, no AC, no power locks or windows, etc-which is fine except.... If you can get the power locks, that would be nice as there is only 1 key lock and it's on the driver's side. So when you need to unlock the passenger rear ya gotta walk around to the driver's door, get the key, open it up, crawl in and over.... you get the idea (I have 2 kids to load up).
Good luck in whatever you decide!! And welcome to the forums!
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