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I just bought a 2012 Versa SL. Before that I was considering the Soul. However, I drove the soul and gave up that idea quickly. The steering was way too hard and it overcompensated when in a turn and hitting a bump. There was no road feel. Also, the cvt in it felt like a 6 speed. It kicked up and down like crazy.

The base Versa does not get the ipod port unless you upgrade the stereo. The upgraded stereo (not navigation system) comes with the ipod port. The navigation system upgrade gets you a USB connector (what I wish I had but was not willing to spend the extra $700).

So far, I love my Versa. Only 800 miles so far. It is a cheap car but it feels sturdy. The electric assist steering works great and gives you some road feel. I am averaging 39mpg in the Ozark hills. The design is very good for space and engineering. I know others that have been on the road for many miles. The 2012 is a totally different animal though. The CVT in it has an oil pump and they raised the pulleys out of the oil to reduce drag. I like the body style better than previous years but it looks too close to an Altima to me.

The seats are comfy but the material scares me. We are covering all seats to protect them.

My complaints...
* No trunk button on the fob
* ipod port instead of usb (I dont use apple products)
* Service techs know less than my 14 year old daughter.
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