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And it was really a nice drive.

I am still in the range of looking around at various cars and comparing at the moment, but it's come down to two cars: Nissan Versa (manual, because it is much cheaper and more fun) and Kia Soul.

Although I'm leaning heavily towards the Versa, which is why I'm here. :)
But, when I research on the interwebs, I find that the Versa has considerably more "bad" reviews than the Soul does. Why is that? When I compare the test drives, the Versa wins, hands down. And then the Soul is the one that has all these glowing reviews and I seriously was let down by that car when I drove it. When I compare the two side by side I see this:

2012 Kia Soul:
- Slippery steering, overboosted feeling
- sensitive braking
- has a lot of bad blind spots
- cargo space really isn't that big...
- very noisy engine and cabin
- is actually bigger than it looks
- nice dash and controls
- cheap seat materials, when you pinch it with your hands, it's like play dough

2012 Versa:
- firmer seats
- much quieter ride and smoother
- better visibility
- horrible echo if you drive over 40mph with a window rolled down...
- overall tighter-fit (construction)

How is the reliability for the Versa? In a lot of reviews I've read, it got a pretty bad rating. Has it ever broken down on you?

Also - for the Versa base model with the iPod thingy in the dash standard or does that cost extra?
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