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2012 Versa:
- firmer seats
- much quieter ride and smoother
- better visibility
- horrible echo if you drive over 40mph with a window rolled down...
- overall tighter-fit (construction)
How is the reliability for the Versa? In a lot of reviews I've read, it got a pretty bad rating. Has it ever broken down on you?
I did have to replace my fuel pressure regulator, but fortunately it didn't leave me stranded cuz i pumped the gas pedal madly while starting the engine:) no fpr issue after starting engine. That was at about 150000km.
Replaced a front wheel bearing a couple months ago and a rear wheel bearing a few months before that. Mechanic said he does many wheel bearings on many different models over the winter cuz the salty water gets inside the bearing itself.
And i had a flat tire a couple weeks ago.
Versa doesn't have the road feel of a VW [excepting the new floppy Jetta] but it sounds like it's better than the Soul anyway
Long live the manual:thumb2:
Welcome to NVF!
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