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Testing Plastic X

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Testing Plast X

This is my first try on the head lights One pass 5 minute elbow grease.


This is by hand not by machine lol... dont ask me what happened to the paint of the car lol it need some rubbing compound and a buffer which i dont have lol hahahahhaaha...
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What did you use on that? I'd like to try that on Chuckie.
And what do you use on the lens? Just a cloth?
yeah microfiber cloth just rub it in circles :p
okay thanks!
depending on the cost i'll see if chuckie is worth it! ;) haha
its only 6.99 here :p and 7.49 on pepboys
Probably over $10 here. I'll see if my dad's car could use it too ...
If he plans on getting rid of Chuckie in a few months, it's not worth it for me ... Not like I can clean it now anyways.
it will increase the car value by 20 bucks :p
I hardly doubt that!
One light is a year or two old as my dad had to replace it. But the lights are weird, and only one part had to be replaced so the signal beside it is the original and looks really bad. I should take a pic one day.
wow. that stuff seems to work well. my mom's civic's headlights are really bad and they could definitely benefit! maybe ill do that for her - birthday gift :)
LOL :) that would be so nice of you to do that for her !!!!!
haha ;) the "EVIL" chuckie lives ... haha
i'll have to get a shot of his front !
Im getting my headlights covered in clear laminate so I dont have to worry about the fading further on. Maybe to the taillights too :D
The reason Chuckie's lights are so bad is that when it rains the water gets inside the headlights. My dad had to drill holes at the bottom of each light to drain the water.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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