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Hey everyone your boy Dota Shane and his versa sweetly named bumperless b*tch. Are back, I have a few questions for you all and some updates.
When I lasted posted I had a clank noise that was everytime I accelerated or brakes, that turned out to be the engine mount between the engine and transmission. My friend who was helping me jacked the car up from the front and bent the radiator support system so I replaced that this pass Thursday, tomorrow (2/12/20) I am replacing the splash shield ( in the versa it is know as the bumper splash shield ( which btw I have a 2012 to 2015 brand new sitting around if anyone needs hmu) I also am replacing the core radiator support and the top support and she is getting a bumper so I need a new name for her. Lastly this week she is getting fog lights. March 3rd she will have a new radio and speakers ( mine died yesterday). Glad to update yall here are some pictures.

The start of the projects,

Arm rest ($35usd on ebay)

New washer sprayer

New foam bumper guard

Replacement lower support

The support that was bent

The new camera (not able to use until I get new radio)

Love your feed back
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