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The dials around the A/C and heating controls

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Someone tried cleaning the circular things around my heating/ac controls with some sort of abrasive and ruined them- can I buy new ones somewhere? Would the dealership fix this under warranty?
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This calls for an upgrade! The most popular mod for our Versas apparently. Look into these!


Many people here have done this mod.

Hopefully someone else can chime in on this thread with warranty information since I don't know anything about that part. Good luck!
Thanks, but the things that are ruined are the pieces surrounding the dial... The images of the different blower positions/The blue and red for heat and cool, and the 0-4 dial. Still a cool mod though.
I don't think it will be fixed or replaced under warranty due to operator error not defect in manufacturing. Sorry
Do you guys have any idea where I could buy them myself?
Do you guys have any idea where I could buy them myself?
What year and model do you have? Hatch back or sedan? What size engine? 1.6 or 1.8? Did you do a search for your parts using google etc.? More info will help.
I looked through google but did not find anything. I have an 09 Versa S hatchback.
Dealer agreed to replace it.
Dealership is so slow, man. STILL waiting on them to call me to tell me they got the parts in...
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