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So, if you hit the mega millions and decieded to mod you versa, what crazy $h!* would you do?:woot: (aside from buying a nicer ride)

For starters, if money was no object, I'd:
Shave the roof ~2"
Find some Nismo wheels
change every stock light
aaannnnddd...... have a intellikey sys installed

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I loke the idea of shaving the roof then deff get the power up in it id put the biggest motor in that would fit then tune the hell out of that motor, convert the back brakes to disk gconvert it to 5 lug and put some nice 370z wheels on, convert it to a standerd, get a sunroof installed. I mean you said if money was no object right :D might as well go all out

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I'd swap the engine with an mr20 and then add a second mr20 in the back to make it AWD :D

or do an sr20det swap

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1. lower suspension
2. New Wheels
3. Body Kit and carbon fiber hood
4. Re paint it
5. GPS with MP3 Plug
6. Arm Rest
6. Replace speakers 3way speakers or something
7. Subwoofer and hide it somewhere
8. 2 bigger LCD TV screens for the back maybe

that's about it, no turbo, no NOS to keep the 37MPG

for the go I would get a Lamborghini Murcielago or something

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Lets see...
I would keep her as my daily driver, but she would have changes.
*raise her 1-2 inches
*have the wheels pushed out so the car is perfectly balanced
*get some new wheels and rims
*change the head and tail lights (have them be black w/led lights)
*add some tweeters, change the stock stereo/radio to another brand (rockford or pioneer)
*add a light coat of silver "glitter" paint on the outside so it looks like she glistens (keep her red alert of course)
*get some custom made seats that will have silver thread stitching
*change the pillars and headliner black/charcoal grey to match the rest of the interior
*tint the windows

Then... I would build my dream car. A 1932 Ford 5 window coupe with suicide doors. (would list the details, but i'm sure you don't want to read a novel, LOL)

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SR20 Swap and mod the heck out of that engine with every imaginable part for the SR20. Buy an Impul body Kit and Impul wheels, Candy Paint job (unsure on what color), Custom racing seats, racing gauges, upgrade suspension, big turbo/SC kit, Brembo brake swap.

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Id search for an 08 sedan SL with sunroof and 6spd, with black in interior.
Paint it super black
Upgraded audio
Throw in the biggest engine and tune it
Install traction control
Rear brakes
Rear spoiler
Replace headlights with custom ones
HID lighting kit
Lower it
Make it AWD with help from Juke parts
Put the 16 wheels from the hatch on it
Modify the little things on the exterior and interior
Dual exhaust
Nice custom body kit/ or the one from Nissan
Heated leather seats borowed from the Juke
Make it auto headlights

Id be borrowing alot of parts from cube and Juke, and making it look more OEM one of a kind with features you cant get, and then slap Special Edition on it, lol

Im sure some more stuff
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