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Id search for an 08 sedan SL with sunroof and 6spd, with black in interior.
Paint it super black
Upgraded audio
Throw in the biggest engine and tune it
Install traction control
Rear brakes
Rear spoiler
Replace headlights with custom ones
HID lighting kit
Lower it
Make it AWD with help from Juke parts
Put the 16 wheels from the hatch on it
Modify the little things on the exterior and interior
Dual exhaust
Nice custom body kit/ or the one from Nissan
Heated leather seats borowed from the Juke
Make it auto headlights

Id be borrowing alot of parts from cube and Juke, and making it look more OEM one of a kind with features you cant get, and then slap Special Edition on it, lol

Im sure some more stuff
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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