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Software can be upgraded, IQ can upgrade also calculate, the key is "emotional intelligence" can also upgrade, small make up for everyone to finishing the article 47 of the most practical psychological adjustment method. Believe you finish see will benefit, doesn't help you beat me!

1. Life is interesting place, is that it is a full of many uncertainties, open process. Among them, the failure of pain, have the joy of success, the thrill of risk, there is a deep thinking. Just think when we live without these, it is worth to pursue and struggle?

2. Of trust between person and person is mutual, to the other party first reached out an olive branch is inevitably the stronger party, the trust to reflect the nature of the trust, because trust not yield.

3. And people exchanges and cooperation to Henry wadsworth Longfellow. Above all, want to have a broad mind, by others in misunderstandings, don't argue for himself and disgruntled, but to prove his actual action; Next, want to have the general situation consciousness, many from the other party Angle consideration, active sincere accept criticism; Once again to want to have the self-criticism courage; At the same time, should be good at the open exchange announced, enhance mutual understanding each other.

4. Want to win others like it, is the first to like others need, want to like others, you will see each other's strengths.

5. Let others know you and they share the same interest, to keep good relationship is very important. If you are talking always love to talk a lot, it would cause was hate; If you are talking about the other party interested topic, close the distance between each other is much easier.

6. Those are often surrounded by some have ulterior motives, and the status of the humble than people, between people place more emphasis on sincere sentiment and care.

7. For your own work you are going it alone; Work for others, it will be dozens of hundreds of people give you help-the foundation of cooperation is a win-win situation.

8. When a person who dedicated to do this, he will forget they forget the additional in yourself too much wrong. And, too much about their interests will be used to the resistance of the business.

9. With people remember the two points: first, the other people all is important; Second, oneself also is very important-to equal view of others to do things for you calmly.

10. Overcome self feeling strong best method is to pay attention to other people, to pay attention to each other's interest, desire and action, etc, so as to temporarily forget yourself.

11. Criticism is like a dog, he saw your fear of it, will be more and more after you, threaten you. But if you return overdo bravely facing him, and he will stop yelling, instead shook tail, let you to touch-how to handle criticism and insult, reflect the quality of a person and philosophy.
12. Imagine, ten of the most prestigious in a painter, around a round table to sit down together in one of the round table on an apple to sketch, what will be the result? Certain is that every one painted apple are not the same, for everybody to see apple Angle are not all the same-stubborn think you treat the view of the thing is correct, opinions about other people take closed attitude, can only limit themselves-so listen more than say more important.

13. When a man afraid of other people look down upon what you do is most want to brag, then you want to pass the way this exaggerated brag, to cause others to your attention, and when you say when the hype, are often drew scorn.

14. When you want to brag, think about how to dislike others boast, that you won't do such a foolish thing.

15. Will do far more than has been ignored is more important, the values of the past, is that it is to have the help of your future.

16. Habitual resentment can lead to self-pity, and self-pity is a person can get the worst of the mood of the habit. When these habits become entrenched, not self-pity words will feel is not correct. Psychology research has found that the only people who in their situation in miserable will feel good.

17. There are many produce insecurity reasons, not because we on the wisdom and ability really insufficient, but because we use the wrong measure, always take own actual standard and the ideal, the perfect pure "ideal self" comparison.

18. If a person really worth everybody to praise, would have no need to arrogance, otherwise it is shallow. Brag, vain, boast himself, disdainful, and so on, these are actually not success or failure to complete the attitude of a cover-up. Instead, humble performance a person of faith in success.

19. Should have several in the most know that book, as if there should be a few the most intimate friends. Should develop extensive reading interest, the only way to expand their horizons, deepen their outlook on life, and at the same time training and open manner.

20. Awake let oneself read some need to focus on to read the book, and the tired read some don't fare mind easy reading.
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