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The risk of running "Cat-Back"

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I'm in the process of putting an aftermarket exhaust system on my 09 1.6. Now i've been told by people it could cause a burnt valve, and I have also been told that's a myth. Any chance someone could shed some light on this?
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there have been dozens and dozens and doezens of catbacks sold for the versa so far there is no record of anyone having a problem with them. ive had mine for over 40k miles no problems
That's only running from the catalytic converter back? Like no pipe leading away from the cat. Oh and thank you for the quick response!
ya thats why its a "cat" "back". DC is going to be realeasing a header in late may early june. but a long tube cat delete might be an option a couple months down the line depending on how the header sells.
There is absolutely no risk installing a cat-back. It's probably the safest modification you can do
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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