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The V From Fayetteville N.C.

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Name is Adam Huaman im a student at ftcc and well me and my girlfriend was looking for a car and found this, i like it but was not that happy at 1st, but the V did something to me and well i feel in love with it now we use it all the time the srt4 just sit most of the time and i dont drive it as much anymore but here are some pics of the V and how its moved up

Day one

A Month After

Konig Reasons 17in

New Meat

Tint Fog Light Blue

(The Old System) 2 Rockford 10in And Pioneer 760 Two Channel

rejoice in the lord, o ye righteous: for praise is completely for the upright. praise ye the lord with harp: sing unto him with the psaltery and an instrument of ten strings: sing unto him a new song: play skilfully a loud noise. Psalms 33: 1-3

The New System, Two 15s Boss Blades With Boss Blade 3000 Watt Amp

Parked At The Everette Cemetery

Just Got The Versa Waxed!

Thats All Of The Everette's In The Back

Tinted Tail Lights And Tag Cover

Just The Fog Lights Are Ok To See When Driving

New Head Light Bubs Called Cool Blue, Nothing Blue About Them But Are Brighter Then Before

The Versa In Japan Lol

Love The Colors Of Nov

and the srt4

and now the sad part

no tags anymore

thinking about selling it
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great looking V and that srt4 is meeeaaannnn
Duuuude, trade that SRT4 in for a Sentra Spec-V or a used 240sx Kouki! :yumyum:
I Think A Friend Is Going To Buy It And I Would Like The Cash So I Could Do More To The V, But All And All He Told Me He Would Give Me 9,000 For It And Well Its A 05 And I Got It As A Parts Car And Fixed It Up I Got Pics Of It When It Was Broken Lol
Wow you really turned that SRT4 around! Great job and great looking V.

If you want to get a new car may I suggest a 300zx? I think they look decent stock but I have seen a couple modded ones and man... do I want one. lol
i think another v might be due this time a hatch
did you keep the falken tires on the srt4? if so how do you like them?
yeah how u know they are falken? but yeah i got nitto on there now
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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