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the versa wave

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The versa wave.... anyone doing this?
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? yes please explain
I had a few versas honk and i honk back while driving, but what is the versa Wave??
Thats what I think he means. If it is, I do it all the time...hunk, wave, ask questions. :D
I honk at other V's too, sometimes I actually get a honk back.
i just get a head turn as other v's drive by lol..
Awhile back I was headed up the freeway and rolled up on another Red V, I paced him for 1/4. He was loving it. Two twins side by side.
Honking and waving at other Versa drivers sounds nice, but Tiidas (I'm in Mexico) are quite common here and Tiida drivers would be honking and waving all the time. People would wonder what was wrong with us. LOL!

Awhile back I was headed up the freeway and rolled up on another Red V, I paced him for 1/4. He was loving it. Two twins side by side.
I did this too a month ago:) A grey V ahead of me on an on-ramp had a sporty muffler, i passed him with a little flourish, he passed me back. He had some tint, snow rims and tires, grey hatch. My smile for the day. East bound QEW between Stoney Creek and Grimsby at about 445pm.
edit: instead of the wave and the honk, it was a little vroom vroom:D
I think they know we are there. I get this force from within......but it quietly goes away. But when I am driving truck I see a V I say to myself........There Goes My Baby!... and makes me smile inside. After driving a 40 ton vehicle for a week I get in my Versa and........go.

Also, did anyone see or hear commercials using the V logo? I think it's Toyota or Honda. Not sure which or what but remember something about it. Too bad for Nissan cuz they cuda coined it.
Same here. My dad has an '07 Ram that I get to drive sometimes and when I drive it and spot a Versa I hunk and get the "Why are you hunking?" look. :)
I always get a little giddy seeing another Versa. My passengers think I'm crazy for pointing em out.
I saw one at a gas station and said to the guy "I like your car" He looked dumbfounded and said "oh, yeah yours too"
im going to have to start doing this lol the few that I talk to look at me like im crazy for doing all this this to a versa
My girl gives a two finger kind of wave and a nod of the head!
Sorry for the slow response. I had a busy day, took the family to busch gardens. What I meant was just like the jeep wave. Jeeps wave at one another as the pass similar to the way bikers do. Anyway I was driving home from work friday and I thought sure I got a versa wave, so I gave a subtle 2 finger wave from the steering wheel back.
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