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They told me I couldn't!

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As some of you may know I have '09 SL alloys on my V and they came with 185/65 tires but I wanted to get wider tires and Nissan told me I couldn't because they would rub on the springs! :(

Long store short I went shopping around for tires and got a set of Firestone(not the greatest but they work) 206/60s so for those of you out there wondering if you can fit wider tires on your V, the answer is yes. I went from 185/65 to 205/60(wheel size is the same)! :D
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Good job!!! Glad to hear that, I may try that.
Just a heads up, just because its a 205, all brands will still measure different tread width.

Not sure how big of a difference on 205s, but in the 315 range I buy slicks in, MT, BFG, M&H, hoosier, and so on, are all pretty significantly different tread widths.
wow to tell the truth its like you guys are talking japennese I dont understand nutting bought MT, BFG... lol
...what size are the factory wheels? Im rockin' the 15' steelies, with some super beefy 205/65 snow tires with zero issues at all.
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