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Hey guys, I just joined here. I'm currently looking at trading in my 2005 F150 for a 2011 Versa. I owe a good bit on my truck since I've only had it since february but gas is absolutely killing me. The Versa is about the only thing in my price range payment wise. Im going back to school in january also so my payment is a concern due to my changing work schedule for school. However I wasn;t real impressed with the Versa... It looks like a grandma car to me. I was looking for something a little more sporty like a scion TC or a jetta. If it comes down to it I can just keep my truck but being 19, im trying to make the smarter choice and get a more practical car that gets better mpg. With that being said I'm still 19 and performance mods still make me smile.. I've looked online and can't find a whole lot for the versa. I figured I would join here and snoop around a bit and start a thread to get some feed back from some you guys who actually have the car.

It's a 2011 versa sedan with I believe the 1.8l and automatic with around 56k on it.. I'm guessing its the base model because it has manual windows. which is fine with me because thats less that can go wrong.. I haven't drove it yet because like I said I automatically wrote it off as a grandma car.. I'm waiting to see what my payment would be and then depending on what you guys say I may go and test drive it.

So thats basically it guys, Can you all convince me to go look at it? Is there an aftermarket for these cars? Exhaust? Intake? Tuners/Programmers? Interior Mods? Headlights?
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