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Thoughts on painted steelies

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I've been thinking about painting my stock steelies. I can't really justify new wheels with another kid on the way. This is a quick photoshop, just wanted to get opinions. In this pic its painted steelies with chrome beauty rings.

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What color is your versa? White like the one pictured?
The chrome rings are pretty nice!
That's my car. I copied the wheels from a pic of a scion xb that I found, then scaled them to fit over my stock 15's.
I'm not a big fan of colored wheels. I prefer mine to be somewhere between gunmetal and black. Those look alright though. definitely better with the chrome ring than if they were all red.
Not half bad. You could probably play around a bit more with colors but it's really not a bad idea. The chrome rings will really make stand out too. Where would you get those rings anyways or would you make em yourself?
It is a question of tastes, but the color shown with white..... not my cup of tea. Straight black (no chrome rings) looks good and maybe some other bright color if you put it somewhere else on the car too (pin stripe.... decal... something!), but by themselves, looks funky to me!
I like the steelys when I had my on I painted them red and put the stock caps on and painted them black it looked good. I also agree with defjake I think if you use that bright of a color yo should use the same color somewhere else on the car so they dont look out of place.
I like it. :thumbsup:
Yep to each their digging that photoshop! Is your car lowered canteburry?
I think I would probably use a more true red color. Those look a little pinkish, just the lighting from the pic I stole.

The chrome beauty rings are available at most auto parts stores.

I like the idea of tying the color in with a pinstripe, will think about that.

Yes, my car is lowered on Tanabe springs.
Sounds good. I like that spoiler. :D
I got the spoiler on ebay from a nissan dealership in canada. Its a nissan part and came pre-painted, only $60.
$60 brand new?! :shocked:
i like the rendering. if i were to go steelies, i'd certainly go with the chrome dress up rings too. as for the color, personally, i'd go with a gunmetal/graphite gray, so they'd stand out a bit more but without being "too stock" looking. if you sprayed 'em with another coat of black and a few coats of clear, i think it would look better than the current black, which seems to fade and become a more flat black.
it looks good, and at least you did a good job on them i've seen horrid jobs done that just make me wanna hell and scream at the person who did that to their car to make it look "better" lol..

but overall looks good
I picked up some rings and chrome lug nuts this morning. Its supposed to rain this weekend, so no painting. I really like it.

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looks awesome
Looks good. I had steelies on mine too but upgraded to SLs. Is your front grille blacked out?
You should throw some colored lug nuts on there to spice it up a bit! :thumb2:
^^^ That would be nice. I have black extended lugnuts on my SLs and love them. Price was even better. :D
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