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Throttle body buzz

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The other day my daughter was playing in the V. I let her sit in it, push the buttons, use the radio and buckle in her stuffed animals in. She loves cars, she is such a daddy's girl. So I was outside standing in front of the car and I heard a distinct buzz. Sorta like the fuel pump whine you get in other cars (not so much the V) when you first turn a car to the ACC position. But that usually stops after a few seconds. This was constant and coming from the throttle body. It's barely noticeable with the hood closed.

Just wondering if this is normal or not? If someone can check their car and let me know that would be great. Cur runs, accelerates, and overall drives great so I don't think this is an issue. I never noticed it before though. I drive a 1.6 so while I am curious to know if the 1.8 does it as well I really want another 1.6 to chime in. Thanks guys and gals.
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