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throttle controller caused bad tps

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hey guys just wanted to let yall know, who are running the tps throttle controller the sensor kicked the service engine soon light so be careful dont run it in sp7 too much lol im thinking im just gona have to unplug it and put it back to normal in that sense because it wont kick off if i just unplug it from the obd so maybe ive got to disconnect the wiring harness for it it kinda stinks, because so far thats the only thing that has really seemed to give it a kick in the pants.
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Please post up the actual code it tripped. In order to reset the engine light you will need an OBD scanner. Some older cars disconnecting the battery worked but I haven't seen that work in years.
did you get a DIFFERENT one than the one of the versaspeed site? you have an older model that is prone to throwing CELs. the newer ones that vspeed has are the ones that don't throw codes
eh its cool tango i unplugged it cleared the code im good to go just something to watch for.. i thought it was the fact that i have that header lol but i forgot how sluggish the car was without that controller
one time the power source came loose and it disconnected my throttle all together, it was pretty scary... luckily i wasnt on the freeway when it happend
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