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Tiida Cargo Net

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I did a Yen to Dollar conversion on the Tiida Cargo Net not available in the US. It came out to 5250 Yen which is about $57 dollars according to the website. Can somebody from Japan bring over a couple of these for the US owners?
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Click on the 5th tab under Equipment/Option and scroll down. Should be one that looks like a blue & tan umbrela with white shopping bag.
This is what I wanted for my Versa, and I asked the dealership and they had no clue about it.
Can it be installed in our rear hatch area?
I would like one as well.
A lot of the pictures on the link won't show up for me, but I also wanted one of the trunk nets to put in my hatch...its strange that the dealerships don't have them though...when I purchased my versa it came with a net that wasn't for the Versa...I don't know what they were thinking. But I've already tried to put it in and had no luck. Can someone post the picture up by itself instead of a link?

I asked the dealership if they even had such a part and said that our Versa's didn't have the proper hooks/place to put the net.

Anyone who gets one of these let me know because I really wanted one. And if anyone has one please post pics of where the hooks are!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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