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Tiida/Versa Nats/red engine led Questions!

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Hi Guys,

Just signed up so greetings from Ireland!! I really hope someone can help with this.....
I recently bought a 2008 Tiida/versa 1.5L Diesel SVE model. I have a 3 questions about the car?

-]The red led on the dash (NATs) comes on after 10 minutes of driving and stays on for the duration of the journey. The fuel gauge wasn't working so the instrument cluster was completely replaced would that have anything to do with it??
I read on another forum that simply reseating the fuse for NATs works but I can't find which fuse it is?

Also, Should the top spec model have a drive computer? I can only see traveled A and traveled B.The manual says I should have more than that including outside temp, distance to empty, mpg etc. Would be nice to see how many KMs I've left in the tank. But I don't seem to have this on mine. The instrument cluster was replaced due to a faulty fuel guage so I wonder if that's the issue?

The red engine management light comes on if I accelerate while in 5th gear. It doesn't affect how the car drives at all, the engine just gets a bit grumpy and loud. Any ideas?

Thanks a million guys and apologies for all the questions!!
Sch3cter :)
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