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Drums are a different story completely. They see very little actual real world use. Fronts usually do about 70% of braking, especially in a FWD. 2mm for pads indicates the are in need of replacement, however 2mm on the shoes is still healthy. The drums on Versa's work fairly well and are generally problem free on the ones i have serviced. I have an 07 with 325 000KM on it and to this date rear shoes have never been replaced. I just gave them a service a while ago, sand the shoes down, turn the drums on a brake lathe, and lube all the pivot points and clean all the brake dust out of the drums.

They may just be trying to sell a 4 wheel brake replacement because of customer ignorance. 2mm on rear drums is fine. YMMV however since i am not an aggressive or hard driver like many people, i have a 6 speed manual so i save my brakes that way too.

Were the rear drums ever serviced in the life of the car? The last person doing the service could have adjusted them improperly when putting the drums back on and caused them to overheat, unlikely but shit happens. Drums are pretty damn reliable, i prefer working on drums than disc brakes.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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