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Just picked up the wife's 2008 today. I took it in because I heard a slight noise during braking. They said the front brake pads had about 25% of their lining left, BUT THE REAR BRAKES WERE ALMOST GONE! This is unlike any other car I have ever known. Usually I get twice the miles out of the rear brakes that the front pads last. Our total miles is 66,646.

They also discovered the left lower ball joint was ready to fail - it pulled apart during disassembly. The right side was deemed in perfect condition - also unusual. I have seen other reports of bad left ball joints at low mileage. Rock Auto will sell Moog lower control arms with ball joint for around $35; Beck Arnley arms cost around $54.

Just be aware that you may be expecting to do only a front brake job, and you may need the rears as well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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