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Time for maintenance of my 2010 Versa HB

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I ordered a new air filter, cabin air filter, and headlight bulbs from Amazon. The shipment should be here soon. I can replace the air filter rather easily. I saw a YouTube video on replacing the cabin air filter. Looks like I need to remove the screws around the glove box and pull it out. Then, unclip the filter behind the vent and pull it out. Others say they have trouble clipping the new cabin filter in place. The video shows the tab should clip in to the housing without difficulty. Then, put the glove box back and screw it in. I think I can handle that. I also saw a video on replacing the light bulbs for the headlights. It says to wear gloves and never touch the bulb with your bare hands. It shows that you must unplug the light bulb and remove the casing around the bulb. Then, release the locking mechanism and pull the old bulb out. Put the new one in and clamp the lock in place. Put the casing back on and plug in the new bulb. I think I can handle that. I am not very mechanical so wish me luck.
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Well, I successfully performed the maintenance today. The air filter was easy and snapped right into place. The cabin air filter took a little time. Realized you have to pull down to release the top snap and the new filter fit right in. You must install it at an angle to get it to snap. Removing and putting back the glove box was easy. The hardest part was replacing the headlight bulbs. I could not get the bulb snap off on the passenger side and could not see it from up top. So I went to the driver's side and saw how it worked. Replace it first. Then, did the passenger side without a problem. I'm so proud of myself doing this.
Glad to hear. I need to replace my in-cabin air filter. What brand did you get?
BTW, my car had a musty smell to it and had the original in-cabin filter. This filter removed the smells and air flows much better. I had never replaced the filter and the car is 4 years old. Next time, doing it much sooner.
The headlights make a big difference too. Noticed the lights have a wider display area and more distance. The old bulbs may have dimmed over time.
I thinks the 2010 Nissan Versa leads the small-car pack in spaciousness, which is worth considering if you carry passengers in the back seat.

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I must say that I've been doing a lot of night driving lately. The replacement headlights were less than $10 on Amazon and make a world of difference. I have astigmatism in my eyes and have difficulty seeing at night. The OEM headlights seemed to focus on a spot and brighten it. The new headlights spread the light more evenly and brighten the side of the road much better. I almost opted for the Sylvania headlights, but they were about $40. The next time I buy a car, I'm just going to replace the bulbs to something much better. Nissan and other car manufacturers seem to be cheaping out on OEM products like tires and headlight bulbs.
This was my first time replacing a bulb in a nissan. I confess I won't understand why they made it so difficult! Adapter. Rubber seal. Pinch ring. And then the bulb? It's insanity. My vehicle requires u to turn the bulb. Pull it out. Detach power and replace. I don't understand why'd they make it so difficult in such a tight spot!

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