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tire advise

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Hi, needing to replace tires on my 08 SL. Tires that came with this used purchase are mixmatch and below 50% tread life.

I have a lead on Sailun Touring LS's, Sumitomo HTR T4's or Yokohama TRZ's.

I am wondering if any Forum Folks have experience with the Chinese-made Sailun's or American-made (japanese) Sumitomo's?

The Sailuns are very well priced and I need a decent, quiet yet offers some performance all-season. I live in snow climate area. The Yoko's are the most expensive and the Sumitomo's are in the middle.

I drive mix of city/highway, say 60/40, and about 25,000KMs per year.

Any comments and advice much appreciated.

Thanks, Ken
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Most Chinese tires are going to offer poor performance in snow in addition to ride quality and longetivity. We sold Primewells which were our Chinese tires and didn't have to many problems with them but the lack of technology and sipes to evacuate water/snow makes them a very low quality tire.

Essentially, all brands of tire have a "cheap" version with little technology. Just do reseach on
Using This Site at Tire Rack
More tire data than i can shake a stick at, luvit!
I especially watch for tread life, dry weather traction, cuz i have separate snow tires. Enjoy!
I work at a tire shop in Burlington Ontario

We actually sell A LOT of sailun tires. I have had customers come in, install a new set, and see them 2 years later needing a new set. So I will only recommend them if you plan on selling the car.
For the same price range, I personally have good luck with Falkens. For a bit more expensive tire (if you're planning on keeping the car) I'd recommend some Toyo's or Continentials. Sometimes it can be a difference of literally $15 per tire.

Another idea is find someone with a US address, buy tires off Tire Rack, ship to US address, and go get them installed over the border at Dunn Tire or something in Niagara Falls NY. Thats secretly what I'm planning on doing next time I need tires. Tire Rack pricing is basically the same as jobber to canadian dealers. Sad ain't it?
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