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To all Chicagoans

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Post here if you'll like and are willing to have a meet.
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Well this one is to officially invite them. The other one was asking if anyone knew of any meets in chicago. Sorry, don't mean to make it confusing or flood the threads.
well you know im there. we should try to meet end of june, so we could figure out more meets and it also gives us all summer to find more chi Vs and there owners
Sounds like a plan.
Sure, I'd like to meet. Where did you have in mind?
Well Fens and me know of a forest preserve called Busse Woods up in Shaumburg. Know where that is? We were thinking that might be a good place to meet.
or we can do a sonic or superdawg and get some good grub too. but busse woods would be great for pics
We could always bring a grille and do some grilling.
which superdawg. i live near the new one in wheeling. does June 18th sound like a good date? it is a saturday.
Damn, why you have to pick my wife's B-Day lol. I probably won't be able to make it that weekend but the week after I should. But don't let me stop you, I can just go to the second meet. Cause I mean, there's gonna be more right.

Hey btw, I thought the leagal limit here was 35% all around?
well, we should do the next week then, you should be there for the first meet. its just that, my manager actually gave me a Saturday off. And as for the tints, one of my customers is a police officer. and it states that if the rears are tinted then the fronts must be no less than 35%. and most of the north shore police force has light meters. so they will test the rears and then the fronts. well thats what he told me. but that wont hold up in court. so i may be risking it but it looks good and thats all that matters.
Well I used to have 5% in the back, 35% in front in my old sentra but they still pulled me over and gave me a ticket. Only happend once, and that officer told me that with the new law i could have anything under 35% in the back as long as the front was only 50% or have 35% all around. I loved how it looked on my sentra which is why I'm asking cause I would like something like that on the V but I don't want to get in trouble for it. 35% looks good at night but not that good during the day. Think I'll try what you have when I do come around to tinting the windows.
Oh and about the meet, the Saturday after the 18th would be just fine. I just hope is not like the past 4 days, neither too hot or raining non stop.
which superdawg. i live near the new one in wheeling. does June 18th sound like a good date? it is a saturday.
Shucks the one I was thinking of is the one in Chicago haha
So when we do meet, where's it gonna be?
ok so ive been talking to RedAlertV. does sunday te 26th work for ppl. i was thinkin streets of woodfield bc it would be easy to find. or maybe we can do superdawg so JCversa can meet up to.
Where's this Superdawg at? I would say Streets of Woodfield cause like Fen said it's easy to find.
sorry guys, i'm actually out of town for a wedding, until monday, so I can't make this sunday.

but for future ref, streets of woodfield is perfectly fine with me
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