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Top Gear

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It is the GREATEST CAR SHOW EVER! Does anyone else watch it?
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some say that his online alias is #1Tango, and that he secretly drives a black 2007 nissan versa 6 spd sedan. All we know is, hes called THE STIG!!!!

haha i love that show!!!!!
My buddy Steve gave me all the seasons up to 14. I watched some and find out all the crazy crap they do. One episode, this guy had a porsche and was racing against a first class mail delivery to see if he could deliver mail before the trucks get to it.
I like the one about the veyron and the one about the supercars through italy.... when they left the parking lot it was priceless scrapping an expensive ass car

ps. the shows by far one of the sickest period.... those 3 guys just have way too much time on their hands and some hella good writers
Go to youtube and search "top gear pipe smoking", its so funny lmao.
Def check that out, I love watching the action parts of the series not when thy're gibber gabbering their mouths off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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