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Touch Up Paint

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Just wanted to share my experience with my touch paint pen...

Went to a Nissan dealership and picked up a B17 metallic touch up paint. I have a few stone chips I wanted to touch up so they don't start oxidizing.

Cost me $17.00 bucks and it's pretty much a piece of junk! That's because it's a pen and not a brush. I've honestly shaking this pen for over 10 mins and nothing has really come out! Either I'm doing something wrong or its defective...
I plan on going to the dealership tomorrow and see what they can do..
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spray some primer (small amount) let it dry for 8 hours...

do they sell paint brushes? those might be your best bet
Thanks for the heads up, I have a couple small chips on my hood and I was considering getting the pen from the dealer, did it ever end up working?
let us know that the dealer says :thumb2:
I keep forgetting to check my pen to see if it's still okay. I'll check this weekend and let you know if mine hardened up too.

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Sorry, I forgot to report back. The parts guy I normally deal with said he wasn't surprised. He offered me another pen at no charge (Not sure if it's because I normally deal with him). I plan on buying the touch up paint bottle as another pen is not reliable
wow, I need to order some of that too then!
Do you know what I forgot to mention? When I first purchased the pen it didn't even work. The one they had in inventory dried up and I had to bring that back.
I have the pen and the bottle on the way here from courtesy parts. Have some chipped bits on the hatch door I want to clean up. Anyone have any advice? There's a bit of oxidation...I've heard I should sand the areas first?
We picked up an used Versa and right away we got the touchup paint since the front got some rock chips. The touch up paint we got has a little brush along with the pen
I don't know about you guys, but my B17 touch up paint, both pen and brush kind, are slightly darker than the original paint. I don't know if this is due to a natural fading of the original paint over time, or somthing else, but it ends up being noticeable.
I did touch up paint on my car yesterday, and yeah it's not a perfect match by any means. you can still see where the rock chips are, but they're just painted rock chips now. they guy said to give it a few layers of paint letting each layer I may do that, once it stops raining.
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