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Touch Up Paint

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I have a 2010 nissan versa 1.6 Base. The color is silver or K23 is the code. Need help on finishing the touch up paint i got with the car. What should I blend in or do to match the color of the car and get it as smooth as i can.? Pictures are uploaded. That's the lightest and smoothest i can get. I used a 1500 grit sand paper.

Your help would be much appreciated. I'm noob when it comes to car painting.

Thank you


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buy here they will match really close and if it is off you can send it back to get it lighter or darker Touch Up Paint, Aerosol Spray Paint and Touchup Paint Accessories | AutomotiveTouchup | 888-710-5192

as for the actual painting you definitely want to blend it. from the picture the spots look kind've big so maybe someone can help you or you can find a video on google or something. but if they are small, i mean smaller then the tip of your pinky finger, you can easily blend it by rubbing it in with your fingers.
thanks for the response and the site. What should I blend the paint with?
what I was told is to just do a layer of paint, then wait till it gets dry. then do another, and wait till it dries. if it's still not smooth enough, do a third layer. just keep adding layers until the touch up reaches the original height. speaking of touch up I just did some today..just did my first layer.
thanks for the response and the site. What should I blend the paint with?
it depends what kind've paint you get. the one with the brush would probably be the easiest based on the size of those spots. do so the paint is a little higher than the original clear coat and a very small amount past the edge of the scratch. wet sand it down i would use at least 1500 to sand it after you add the paint. it may take several coats before the color matches just right. keep sanding. you definitely should get clear coat clear and put at least 2 layers on it. sand and polish and you are all finished. don't wax that spot for a month or so

it may not fully disappear but you should really only notice from up close
You could always buy the touch up pen from Nissan.
I bought a long time ago, and it still works fine for small chips. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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