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TPMS reset itself

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My aftermarket rims don't have TPMS installed so I rolled around with the blinking light for months. When I slapped my stock tires on for winter the light continued to stay on, even though the sensors were there. When I went to the dealer for an oil change, they reset my TPMS under warranty. This took 45 minutes and I was truly clueless as to why. Well now I think I know why.

My aftermarket tires are bald and I switched back to stocks until I can allocate some funds. This time when I turned the car on, it instantly recognized the sensors and the TPMS light went out.

I'm theorizing the new version they updated my car with checks every time you start the car as to whether or not you have the sensors where as before if it checked and found no sensors that was it, you had to get it reset.

I couldn't be happier with this as the last time I called the dealer and asked about the reset they wanted somewhere close to $45. Now my car does it for free.:thumb2:
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Dunno. The 1st two times I swapped out the wheels, it didn't reset itself. I just rolled around with the light on even thought the sensors were in there. Maybe something really was wrong and now my fixed Versa is just new to me, old to you guys!
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